Urban Living


The New Australian Dream

Our country’s city populations are skyrocketing, with a new baby born every 104 seconds. By 2061, Perth is expected to swell to 7.7 million people. And with newborns and new neighbours comes a need for a New Australian Dream.

Trouble is, we’ve gone from one extreme to the other. The quarter acre block, complete with the hills hoist, garage and backyard have been banished to the outskirts, replaced by high rise, elevators and lobbies. It’s a developer’s dream – but is it yours?

We now find ourselves caught at either end. Homes are shackling, apartments are suffocating. We need a new breed of urban living that brings people together and frees up time in city hotspots without losing sight of what homeownership is all about.

The New Australian Dream has finally arrived - affordable, liberating lots on real land, close to savvy transport connections, shops, cafes, parks and possibilities. Right around Australian cities, streetscapes are coming alive in bursts of colour as we express ourselves through space-optimising, design-led terraced housing in innovative bite size communities.

Buyers can live a liberating lifestyle, trading unnecessary private space for public space. For around the price of an apartment you get a spacious three or four bedroom home with your own front door, double garage and backyard - and no strata fees.

It’s the best of both worlds – and it’s changing our idea of what’s important in life. We’re swapping lawnmowers for yoga lessons. Secateurs for surf breaks. Today’s home has one hell of a white picket fence, with boundaries that stretch out as far as the eye can see. You own more than a house – you own life.


Now that’s a great dream. Love where you live, live what you love. Find your Mojo

Introducing Mojo Urban Living, a new house and land development that’s all about you. As the first big development in the exclusive up-and-coming CoNo precinct (aka Cockburn Central North), you’ll join an inspirational community close to the action where you’re free to find your inner spark and slip into life’s natural rhythm.

Mojo is all about life beyond the home, surrounded by an abundance of parkland, common space, BBQs, parks, playgrounds and nature walks. So if you feel there’s something missing in your life, move to Mojo and fill it. Travel, swim, run, play, dine out, drink wine. Watch more sunsets (and less TV sets). Go to the movies, stay an extra hour at the playground. Hitch up a caravan and drive till there’s no radio signal.

It’s time to find your Mojo.


 Three steps to find your Mojo

Find your land

Choose from 37 green titled lots. (no strata at Mojo). STAGE ONE NOW SELLING.

Find your builder

Select from four modern, affordable builders - Express Two Storey Living, Terrace, and Homebuyers Centre, SOMO and Urban Mews Homes.

Find your home

Select from a range of 3 and 4 bedroom two-storey terrace style homes and express yourself with materials that match your mojo.

Mojo Stage 1 Land is now selling from just $195,000. Find your Mojo today and live what you love.