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What makes you tick?

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Before you can find your Mojo, you need to understand what makes you tick. We’re holding a mirror up to see if you can see yourself living at this creative new community.

There are certain traits that all Mojo people share. You want to be close to all the action. You have time to do all the things you love most (like workouts, surfing lessons and café catch-ups). And you dream of owning your own patch of WA without compromising on useable space.

But we’ve also discovered four distinct Mojo’ers. If one strikes a chord, let’s talk about how to start living what you love.

So, you’re in your mid 20s to early 30s. You’re living the single life or loved up but kids are so far off the radar you’re in denial they even exist. You’ve been renting, most likely an apartment in Cockburn. Now you’re ready to put your grownup pants on and buy a home. A real home on real land. A home that lets you live the way you want. Pilates in the morning. Browsing youtube on the train to work. Kicking ass in the boardroom and cheersing glass at trendy bars after. You live for the beach. You'd die without Netfix. Uber Eats, spontaneous meets, dinner with friends, Mercedes Benz (why not?). You’ve got time to earn and money to burn. At the hint of holiday you’re surfing breaks in Margs or carving powder in Niseko. After all, you only live once.

  • You're 101% more likely to order home delivered food
  • 20% more likely to agree it’s important to have a full social life
  • 73.9% think you should enjoy things now because you don’t know what the future holds

How did that happen? One day you woke up in your late 30s and you realised your identity is 83% your kids. Not that it’s a bad thing, those little leeches are so damn adorable. You’ve got one or two of them, most likely under the age of ten. And you spend every waking (and sleeping) hour thinking about them. Sure, you have moments when you wish for a second it was just you two again. Ahhhh…. But you quickly snap out of it – deep down you love your new life. You’ve swapped eating out for BBQs with friends, Saturday morning sleep-ins for Auskick coffee vans. Holidays are spent in tents, not Tuscany. You’re at the park more than your own home, and you’re probably both working to pay for it all. But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • 186% more likely to build a new house
  • 75.6% think you should enjoy things now because you don’t know what the future holds
  • 16% more likely to drink wine with your meal

Well, that was unexpected. You’re in your mid 40s to 50s and suddenly find yourself in the same position you were before you got hitched (maybe with a few more grey hairs). It’s a massive change, but once the dust settles you’ve found a new lease on life. You’ve experienced many years in a big family house – but suddenly that doesn’t seem important anymore. Now that your only tie-downs are independent teenage kids you’re free to live a low maintenance lifestyle free of backbreaking chores and close to all of life’s best bits.

  • 18% more likely to drink more premium beer than you used to
  • 31% more likely to drink wine with your meals
  • 34% more likely to say your pet is a fussy eater

The kids have finally gone… High five! Now in your 50s or 60s, you’re feeling a sudden change in priorities, transforming from carers to darers almost overnight. It’s time to put the big old family home on the market and migrate to a liberating terrace abode in the area you love so you can travel while you’re still young at heart. Sure, you could live further south, but CoNo is halfway to Perth and on the doorstep of your amazing new lock ‘n leave lifestyle. Friends, wine, sunsets, shopping, caravans. This is the life you’ve put on hold for the last thirty years – it’s time to set yourself free.

  • 69.8% like to take holidays in Australia
  • 77% like to take holiday away from crowds
  • 75% prefer to holiday where you can see nature or be in a natural setting

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